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Avoid Unreliable PCB Builders

Poor manufacturers destroy your timelines and charge premium prices.

Sub-par Boards

Unreliable or broken boards can ruin even the most well-planned projects. For proper testing and planning, you require superior crafted PCPs.

Delayed Results

Many manufacturers will promise expedited results and fail to deliver. Your project needs builders with integrity and the ability to meet strict deadlines.

Buyer Protection in PCB Manufacturing

A guarantee of a refund or replacement for any manufacturing defect or discrepancies from your design in the circuit board manufacturing process.

FREE Nationwide Shipping for PCB Prototypes

Every order arrives with secured, custom packaging for your circuit board.

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Our experts will guide you through the file export process, ensuring your mapping gets to our builders efficiently.


Details on layering? Specific schematics? Customize your PCB and work with our experts to ensure an excellent result.

Review & Print

Review your work and order your required amount of PCBs. Our aggressive turnaround time never compromises on quality.

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A bit about us

Gerber Labs was founded with a mission to provide reliable PCBs quickly and affordably. Based in the US with global manufacturing partners, we pride ourselves with providing top customer service at oversea prices.

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What we do

We specialize in creating custom Two and Four Layer PCBs for low quantity orders, never sacrificing quality.

Two-layer Boards

With conductive copper and components on both sides of the PCB the traces can cross over each other. You’ll get a thin, flexible yet higher density board.

Four-layer Boards

After etching the inner core we layer up to enable greater PCB complexity. These boards are durable, tough and deliver improved RF.

Why GerberLabs

Lead Time

2 layer boards: 7-10 days

4 layer boards: 14-16 days

Buyer Protection

We will refund or replace your PCB if there is a manufacturing defect or if we have not followed your design specifications.

Free Shipping

All orders will receive free shipping nationwide with secured and custom packaging.