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How D2C PCB Ordering is Making Electrical Engineering More Accessible

Electrical engineering can be a difficult field to break into. Luckily, direct to consumer printed circuit board ordering, typically called D2C PCB ordering, is making this highly desirable hobby and career path more accessible than ever. Whether you are a student, hobbyist, or engineer, the new breakthroughs in the D2C PCB industry are creating exciting new opportunities.

Brokers are a Thing of the Past

Printed circuit board brokers used to be the gatekeepers to printed circuit board manufacturers. As printed circuit board manufacturers began moving overseas, along with most other types of manufacturing, the language barrier made PCB brokers the point of contact for any printed circuit board orders.


With new advances in technology, printed circuit boards have become easier than ever to produce, allowing manufacturing companies to pop up in countries all over the world and produce low volume orders. Not only that, real-time translation software and automated options allows you to order from manufacturers that used to require an interpreter or broker. Since the direct to consumer PCB model cut out the services of a middleman, costs went down even further.

If you are interested in electrical engineering, but you aren’t ready to make the commitment to getting a new degree, you are now able to order custom printed circuit boards in low volumes. Printed circuit boards are a great hands-on way to begin learning about electronics and engineering, whether you are tinkering, inventing, homeschooling, or even already enrolled in college. The possibilities and opportunities are going to lead to revolutionary innovation in the next decade, creating ideas that the world has never seen before.