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Beginners Guide to Designing a PCB for Your Startup

Printed circuit board design used to be a mysterious process that involved large companies, a team of engineers, and a high-priced middleman who could set up an arrangement with a manufacturer overseas. Today, many of the barriers to entry have been broken down, and printed circuit boards are affordable, with low minimum orders.

Design softwares are now available to anyone with an inclination to learn, and people are ordering their own printed circuit boards for a wide variety of projects and companies.

Printed circuit board manufacturers have an immense amount of experience, and are a great resource for your questions and design concerns. They can give you advice that comes from years of time spent working in the industry. Keeping a good working relationship with your PCB manufacturer becomes more and more important as your hardware startup grows. It keeps you more informed and up-to-date on what is happening with your projects every day.