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Welcome to Gerber Labs


Welcome to Gerber Labs, let us show you around! Our goal is to make ordering your project boards as smooth as possible. Simply drag and drop your zipped Gerber files into the dashed area of our home page, or any dashed area you see on any of our pages, to get started. How Should I […]

Printed Circuit Board Layout Fundamentals


Laying out a printed circuit board can be time consuming. Every layout has to balance your board’s intended purpose with efficient routing and ease of manufacturing. For many projects, printed circuit board layout can feel like art as much as engineering. The good news is that with practice, you’ll quickly become proficient in printed circuit […]

Printed Circuit Board: Prototyping Boards 101


Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are an integral component of nearly every electronic device. They enable you to connect multiple components within a device as simple as a lightswitch or as complex as a laptop. If you’re thinking about designing your first PCB, the best place to start is with a prototype. Prototyping is a critical […]

2-Layer PCB vs. 4-Layer Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)


So, you are ready to take on that project, design your Printed Circuit Board, and order your very own printed circuit board. You begin your research, only to discover that there are many types of printed circuit boards with varying amounts of layers, the most popular being two layers and four layers. Confusion sets in. […]

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