Gerber Labs Offers State Of The Art Printed Circuit Boards that are designed specifically for Students, Hobbyists, Startups and Businesses

Buying Circuit Boards: Gerber Labs is Your Manufacturing & Assembly Leader

Gerber Labs is an industry leader, manufacturing and assembling high-quality circuit boards at an affordable price point. We want to make reliable, high-quality printed circuit boards accessible to everyone! The process is simple:


Upload your printed circuit board design. If you need assistance during the design process, contact us – we can help! 


Customize your printed circuit board design by choosing the specific components and materials that are optimized for your application. We have many options available to create the right balance between performance and cost. You are able to try as many different configurations as you need, without feeling pressured or having to pay extra fees. 

Review & Print

Review your circuit board design before you place your order. Our expert team will approve your printed circuit board design before starting manufacturing. Soon, your circuit boards will be on their way to you! 


Buy Circuit Boards for Everyone 

Gerber Labs specializes in high quality and reliable printed circuit boards for hobbyists, students, startups and businesses. 

Gerber labs is passionate about making reliable printed circuit boards that are affordable enough to be accessible to the most creative and innovative makers. Gerber Labs knows that students, hobbyists, makers, startups and small businesses create some of the most exciting products and inventions. We love being a part of trailblazing projects that pave the way for the future of technology. 

Our goal is to continue to innovate technologies and enable individuals to focus more on their projects.

When your equipment is unreliable, you spend more time fixing things than creating them. We want you to have confidence in our printed circuit boards so that you can focus on your work, rather than unnecessary problems. Gerber Labs makes sure to stay on the cutting-edge of manufacturing technology, which allows us to create innovative products, while maintaining an extremely high level of reliability. 

Gerber Labs offers an easy setup process that allows people to simply buy circuit boards online in a fast and productive way

Gerber Labs knows that your time is valuable. With an intuitive buying process, we allow you to save time and money, while still ensuring the highest levels of quality and service. Our process was specifically designed for makers and engineers who value efficiency and productivity. Some printed circuit board companies have a lengthy setup process that is unnecessarily time consuming and complicated. We want to empower you to be able to order printed circuit boards whenever inspiration strikes. 

To guarantee the highest precision and product optimization, each circuit board is produced through automatic process 

Gerber Labs keeps PCB costs low and quality high by manufacturing printed circuit boards through an automated process that allows for increased personalization and reliability. This allows you to choose customized printed circuit board (PCB) characteristics that aren’t available through some other manufacturers. We can make printed circuit boards from 1 to 4 layers in single units, or for mass production. No idea is too big, and no project is too small; we want to help people continue to create and innovate. 

Reasons To Buy Circuit Boards from Gerber Labs 

Gerber Labs is an industry leader in printed circuit board manufacturing. We are unique because we were created by engineers for engineers, and we designed our company to solve some of the common issues associated with ordering printed circuit boards.

Reliable Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing and Assembly

Gerber Labs was created by engineers for engineers. With over 20 years of experience in the printed circuit board industry, Gerber Labs understands the requirements needed to manufacture reliable circuit boards, and we do so quickly and efficiently. We know that our clients need us to be quick, reliable, and affordable. 

No Minimum Order Requirements

Gerber Labs has no minimum ordering requirements, so you can place an order whether the printed circuit board is for mass production or a personal project. You no longer have to settle for inferior circuit boards due to cost or availability. We want to empower you to make your ideas a reality.

Easy PCB Order Setup

Gerber Labs designed our website to be intuitive, so that makers and engineers are able to save time, knowing that they can order with confidence. We only produce high quality printed circuit boards, and take pride in our ordering and manufacturing process. You are able to order your printed circuit boards in just three easy steps: 

  • Upload – upload your printed circuit board design to our system. You will then be able to access your design from our online platform. 
  • Customize – customize your design by selecting components and materials. You can personalize your printed circuit board so that it is optimized for your specific project, while saving on costs. 
  • Review & Print – review your design before placing your order, which will be sent to our manufacturing team immediately. We will review your design to ensure it is able to be manufactured and that it is free from defects before approving your printed circuit board order. 

Learn and Grow

Gerber labs is not satisfied with the status quo, and believe that no challenge is too big, and no project is too small. For that reason Gerber Labs is passionate about learning and improving, so that we can better serve the needs of makers and engineers. We want to foster the growing community of builders who are creating groundbreaking designs and inventions, and revolutionizing technology. 

High-Quality Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

Gerber labs understands the frustrations of receiving poorly built printed circuit boards. We are a trusted collaborator, and we love that we are able to help keep projects on track (and on budget) with affordable, high-quality printed circuit boards. When you are successful, we are successful. We love seeing what our customers create with our printed circuit boards! 

Buy Circuit Board Components 

Circuit boards and electronics are composed of different parts. Some parts modify and manage current and voltage, while others connect or modify the connections between elements. There are basic circuit board components that are needed for nearly any project or design: 

Circuit Boards

Circuit Boards have one or more layers of conductive copper foils. The foil on the circuit board is etched to become the wiring of your circuit. They are the main component in any electronic device, and have become increasingly small and efficient. Circuit boards have a wide range of complexity, quality, materials, and price points.  


Resisters limit the flow of current in the circuit board, and they work by converting electrical energy into a small amount of heat. Resistors come in many different power ratings, which relate to how much electrical energy they dissipate. Resistors are extremely useful, and commonly used to protect sensitive elements, adjust signal levels, control the “path” of a current, and divide voltages. Resistors are essential in controlling how the current flows through your circuit board. 


Potentiometers are essentially variable resistors. Their resistance increases or decreases when they are physically manipulated (usually by turning a mechanical contact, or rotating a wiper). Potentiometers used to be quite large, but they have gotten so small they are now found as a component in common electronics. Common uses of potentiometers include tactical control knobs (such as volume, or tuning a radio), and controllers (such as a joystick). 


Capacitors store electricity, and are typically shaped like disks, gumdrops, or larger cylinders. Capacitors are simple in design, but they have a plethora of uses. You can use capacitors as a timing device, a tuning device (common in televisions and radios), or as a way to smooth the voltage in your circuit. 


Connectors are how components in your circuit connect to each other, or how your circuit connects to other devices. Most connectors have a plastic exterior with multiple pins. Circuit board connectors have a wide variety of uses, from connecting to a power supply to enabling components to be wired together. They come in many shapes and sizes, and there are often adaptors to allow different types of connectors to work together. 


Diodes one-way electrical components with a band that indicates the current direction. Diodes are essentially switches, and play an important role in electronics, such as converting AC power to DC power, which can be seen in most electronics with a rechargeable battery. Diodes can also be used to create a sort of built-in surge protector, by suppressing spikes in voltage that may damage certain components. 


LED stands for light emitting diode, and they are the most commonly recognized type of diode. LEDs emit light when exposed to a positive voltage, and their color can be manipulated by changing the amount of current that goes to the positive and negative sides of the diode, which changes the frequency of the light. LEDs are extremely common and useful; one of their typical uses is to display when an electronic device is turned on.