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Gerber Labs is your partner-in-design, here to help turn your vision into reality. Whether you’re just starting your engineering journey at your local STEM program, working on a big project for your EECS thesis, or designing the next must-have tech for a Fortune 500 company, we’ll work relentlessly to provide you with superior printed circuit boards (PCBs) at great prices and with zero hassles.

Our Origins

Bringing over 20 years of experience and knowledge in the PCB industry, Gerber Labs was created by engineers for engineers. We understand the requirements needed to provide reliable PCBs quickly and affordably. Based on that understanding, we created an easy-to-use website that allows our thriving engineering community to get high-quality printed circuit boards without the lag, hassle and expense they might encounter with some big manufacturers.

Our Mission

Gerber Labs strives to become the leading printed circuit board (PCB) provider for both casual and experienced engineers, providing our community with high-quality boards at great prices. We understand the frustration that comes from receiving defective or poorly built PCBs—a situation that presents three unfavorable options: take a chance on the defect; push back your project timeline to wait for a replacement; or pay a premium price for a premium-quality board. Gerber Labs strives to be the better choice. Think of us as a trusted collaborator here to help keep your projects on track and on budget with affordable, high-quality PCBs.

Our Values


Quality First

At Gerber Labs, our success hinges on your happiness and the functionality of your design That’s why we promise to provide you with the highest quality PCBs based on your exacting specifications.


Outstanding Service

We care about our customers and prize our community of engineers. We will provide exceptional customer service so you can focus your attention and energy on what matters most—your vision.


Integrity Matter

First impressions are important. But lasting impressions are everything. So Gerber Labs will always maintain a high level of integrity in our interactions with you—our innovative engineers, as well as with our colleagues and business partners.


Lead Responsibly

Knowing our products and services have an impact on the industry at large, we’re committed to making ethical decisions and setting a strong example of both professionalism and excellence at all times.


Learn & Grow

At Gerber Labs, we’re never satisfied with the status quo, and believe no challenge is too big. For this reason we seek to keep learning, iterating and improving to better serve the needs of our engineers.